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Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Teams 

Emotional Intelligence is the ONE thing that impacts EVERYTHING in the midst of disruption.

Focus on intentionally developing EQ with THE PRACTICE™ and watch you and your team:

  • Face uncertainty with new optimism.

  • Problem solve with innovative thinking.

  • Recognize patterns that paralyze progress.

  • Respond to challenge with courage.

  • Become more agile.

  • Work smarter.

  • Engage in meaningful connections.

  • Be more productive.

  • Achieve balance and well-being.

  • And so much more!

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What the steps are


  • Step 1: Increase self-awareness through Six Seconds’ normed and validated EQ SEI assessment. 

  • Step 2: Create a personalized development plan with the support of an EQ Certified Assessor and artificial intelligence. 

  • Step 3: Engage in mobile, bite-sized e-learning and practice sessions. 

  • Step 4: Receive coaching and feedback from an EQ coach.

What's in it for you? THE PRACTICE™ offers several advantages.



  • Intentional opportunity to practice and develop EQ skills 

  • Micro-learning blended with assessment and coaching 

  • Cost-effective, providing continuous development all year 

  • Training when you need it, where you need it, available 24/7 

  • Increased “stickiness” because it’s personalized to the learners’ needs and takes place on the job 

  • The learner is in control of his/her development 

  • Provides an opportunity to leverage many voices with curated resources 

  • Assessments to measure ROI  

  • With greater emotional intelligence, organizations are experiencing world-class levels of engagement, greater collaboration, and overall organizational vitality.

The training standard recommends that individuals obtain 70 percent of their knowledge and skill from job-related experiences, 20 percent from interactions with others, and 10 percent from formal educational events. THE PRACTICE™ follows this guideline as a strategy to maximize individual learning and development.

Use a blended training approach and expect that THE PRACTICE™ will:

  • Maximize learning

  • Increase retention of knowledge gained in the classroom setting

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Ensure the greatest level of transfer of learning  

There is a lot of research about the ROI when training and coaching work hand in hand. One study suggests that training and coaching will maximize the true potential of my clients, increasing productivity by 88%.

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and teams of course! We want everyone to have access to this information as it supports everyone's mental and emotional health.

For instance, entrepreneurs wear a lot of hats and building your business, team, and vision can be stressful and challenging. By doing THE PRACTICE™ for just 8 weeks can bring you new perspectives, better decision making, connect better with the people who love you, and prevent burnout. 

Leaders of a team who are just coming back into the office or doing more virtual teams this is a great way to build trust and connection within the team to help support them and their results. I do groups up to 10 participants for 8 weeks all virtually. The daily practices are easy to do and under 10 minutes a day. 

Doing this on a solo journey or within a group, the takeaways and benefits support all areas of your life. Your emotional and mental health in today's high-stress and high demand world is a top priority to ensure your ability to meet and exceed your goals. 

Click here to book in for more information on THE PRACTICE™

Richard took the solo journey and had some great insights about his learnings

"EQ training opens up the many facets, dimensions, and aspects that I require to have a trustful, effective, and more robust relationship with my staff. Organizational (and professional) change is inevitable and requires me to re-establish myself, form new relationships, and learn to be effective in vastly different environments.


I have found fulsome self-awareness and a heightened sensitivity to the complex processing of emotions and intimate knowledge of this allows me to interact with staff with honesty, empathy, and effective leadership."

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