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It would appear that a great many people, including some corporate and community leaders,  think of emotional intelligence as a bunch of wishy-washy, touchy-feely soft skills that nobody has the time for.

They’re making a terrible mistake. It's one of the number one things that entrepreneurs actually need to work on to ensure their companies success. 

The truth is, emotional intelligence and the sharpened social skills that come with it probably have more to do with our strengths and successes than our IQ does.

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the ability to understand, manage, and effectively use your emotions in positive ways. People with high emotional intelligence have a high level of empathy and understand their effect on others. This helps them overcome challenges, diffuse conflict, reduce stress, and communicate effectively.

Self-awareness is at the very heart of emotional intelligence. If you’re not aware of your own motivations and emotions and how these affect your behaviors, it’s impossible to develop an understanding of the people who work under you—and over you. A lack of self-awareness is a major hurdle in the business world, and in fact, high emotional intelligence is a stronger predictor of success than IQ.


SEI Leadership Assessment

The SEI Leadership Assessment provides you with a clear picture of your emotional intelligence in the context of leadership. A 25-page report helps you identify areas ripe for growth and development, with transformational results. During your hourlong debrief, we’ll tailor an action plan to help you boost your EQ and facilitate personal and professional growth across eight fundamental skills.

The SEI Leadership assessment is ideal for:

  • Professional development

  • Performance appraisals

  • Succession planning

  • Application screening

To learn about the many ways in which executives and companies can benefit from the SEI Leadership assessment, read these case studies starring Fed-ExAmadoriKomatsu and the US Navy.

The SEI assessment is one of the most scientifically validated assessments available from Six Seconds

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